DUT Boards

CSI services include engineering, design, PCB fabrication, assembly and test.Our engineers are equipped with CAD workstations capable of customizing products for multiple applications. All designs are simulated prior to layout completion. All boards are tested for continuity and TDR'd to guarantee compliance with specifications.
Our engineering expertise and experience ensure the highest quality. That's why we fully guarantee each board-mechanically, functionally and electrically. We believe in quality as a part of the process, not as an additional element. Each design is continually inspected throughout the design process.In addition, our engineers strictly comply.
Technical Advantages
  • High-speed design solutions (>4GHz)
  • Mixed signal board design; RF experience
  • State-of-the-art design and layout tools
  • LVS layout vs. schematics on all designs
  • Dedicated team of in-house engineers
  • Schematic generation and capture
  • Simulations per design (Ind, Res, Cap, pS)
  • Empirical data to fine-tune process (TDR every board)
  • Complete documentation package