Design and Engineering

CSI's efforts are geared to work intimately and responsively with its customers in both the modification of existing products and the development of new products to meet increasingly complex requirements.

The first phase in new product design & development, engineering process is a comprehensive session that will allow our designer and engineers to analyze the customer's specification. We will go over all aspects of the design, conceptual drawing, engineering, and manufacturing process.

At CSI our design and engineer team will create documents for all requirements, and use these documents as a tool through all phases of a project, this will multiple into conceptual designs in a computer-realistic rendering format, an explosive view illustrating part break-ups and preliminary manufacturing.

CSI will create 2D and 3D drawings into comprehensive production documentation.

If required by the customer our design team will also design product identity and package design that will enhance the product in a market place.

Our custom manufacturing department can manufacture a prototype of the product, this functional prototype will display tolerances, clearances, and part fits. This will include the production documentation, quality control documentation forms for manufacturing, and preliminary cost analysis of material. CSI's mechanical engineer and industrial design team work closely together in all aspects of a project from conceptual design to full production. We also work closely with the marketing director of your company to enhance the design in market place.

CSI manufacturing delivers quality products to the customer in a timely manner, regardless if manufacturing one or one hundred products. Our Quality Control and pricing, plus marketing have made us one of the top companies in U.S.A, worldwide.