Socket Receptacles (Socket Savers)

Socket receptacles (socket savers), are used as a simple plug in interface between any typical through hole socket and the test board.

The socket receptacle is simply installed onto the test board, so the socket can be plugged into the receptacle numerous times, therefore eliminating the need to solder the socket directly into the board.

Socket receptacles can be custom manufactured for any given socket, header, or contactor, using a wide variety of female contacts (standard, fine pitch, ultra fine pitch) that can optimize mating of any male contact.

CSI socket receptacles use Ultem as the standard substrate material, which combines high temperature capabilities with great rigidity and electrical properties. Package options include but are not limited to BGA, QFN, MLF, QFP, etc.
Contact Material

Fully hardened Beryllium-Copper
Shell Plating

30 µ-inches Gold over 100 u-inches Nickel
Contact Plating

30 µ-inches Gold over 50 µ-inches Nickel
Operating Temperature

- 50° C to +140° C
Substrate Material

Natural Ultem

Standard Receptacle Pins: