Failure Analysis Sockets

We provide high performance Failure Analysis Sockets for all package types and pitches. Our FA sockets are designed with a standard thin socket body and a very thin, and rigid Metal lid with a large window in the center of the lid for visual or mechanical access to the exposed die. Our FA sockets can be used for E-Beam testing, mechanical probing or other FA equipment which require a low profile, and access to the die. Our FA sockets can be customized to fit your existing footprint and work with your particular equipment with no affect on the price or lead time.

Contech Solutions also manufactures many other accessories for your Failure analysis lab.We provide total solutions for integration of sockets with DUT boards, adaptor boards break out boards, hand wired adaptors, or any other type of custom fixture you may need.

  • PGA adaptors
  • DIP adaptors
  • Surface mount adaptors
  • Break out boards
  • Hand wired adaptors
  • FA lid modification of existing sockets
  • Curve Trace boards
  • ESD verifier boards
  • Daughter card/Mother board systems for FA applications
Sample Drawings

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