Semi Custom Test Sockets

At CSI we have a line of semi custom test sockets that give the user a dynamic and easily adaptable socket for any manual test application. From Burn-in and HAST to final test or characterization this socket will perform seamlessly. We have 3 clamshell pre-molded body kits that can be adapted to handle all package sizes from a fraction of a millimeter to 30mm.

This concept is a combination of precision machining and adaptation of already existing molded parts to deliver a high quality manual socket at a very competitive price and delivery.

Our semi custom sockets can easily be adapted to work with any of our spring probes as well as our elastomeric contact sets for a spectrum of contact solutions which spans from 0.25mm pitch to 1.27mm pitch and from DC to 40Ghz and beyond.

The versatile design of our semi custom sockets allow the socket lid or base to carry a heat slug or a heat sink as well as provision for a Z adjustable lid mechanism.

There is never a NRE and sockets are always delivered in 4-6 weeks depending on quantity.

Operation temperature -55 to 160 DEG C.

Semi-custom Socket Sample Drawings:
Small 0mm to 12mm packages  
Medium 8mm to 18mm packages  
Large 12mm to 30mm packages  


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