CSI is a leading manufacturer of high performance test sockets used in many different areas of semiconductor testing. CSI uses quality principals in all stages of design and manufacturing, which in tandem with our dedication to customer service, allows us to deliver superior quality products and services.

CSI brings over 20 years of experience, in socket design to our customers. We have at our disposal a vast data base of existing socket designs. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with multiple state of the art CNC machine tools, which are individually connected to a CAD/CAM engineering work stations. This set up gives our manufacturing engineers extreme flexibility to create new deigns, and execute old programs with high quality, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

At Contech we use spring probe contacts as the basis of our test sockets. We also offer high performance elastomeric contact interposers for applications which spring probes may not be suitable. These conditions are:

  • Signal speeds exceeding 20Ghz, including demanding RF and mixed signal applications.
  • Pitches below 0.4mm.

With our large library of available spring probe contacts complimented by our high performance elastomeric interposer technology we are capable of offering sockets and contactors for pitches as low as 0.2mm and speeds of up to 50Ghz. Below is a list of our most widely used spring probe contacts. Other choices are available for special applications.